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Business English Programs

Boston Academy of English offers a Business English Program for executives, managers and other professionals of the business world who have limited time to improve their English-language skills. The Business English Program is a specialized course which is fast-paced, flexible and academically rigorous- one that compliments the very needs of the clientele it serves.

Business courses can be taken as an intensive one-week module or for an unlimited number of weeks. For maximum student-to-teacher attention, classes are private (1-on-1), or semi-private. The private one-on-one program can be scheduled every week of the year.

At the Academy, we recognize your time is limited. Before your course begins, we send you a comprehensive needs-analysis to determine the exact areas of Business English you need to improve. Throughout the course, a weekly review of your strengths and weaknesses will be explained to you one-on-one by your teacher followed by a goal-setting plan for your remaining weeks of instruction. In addition to a final review upon completion of the course, students are sent home with a wealth of information and resources, and more importantly, an established e-mail contact with their teacher for future Business English advice.

To see a sample of an Business English one-week lesson module, please click HERE

Private One-on-One Business English Programme

Especially practical for less advanced speakers, for those who want to concentrate on specific areas of business English or for those who prefer the personalized attention of private instruction, one-to-one lessons are ideal for those with strict time constraints and distinctive goals. Private lessons can be taken for an unlimited number of weeks. The program starts every week.

**$70 per lesson (additional private lessons- one hour)

Here's how to start the process of setting up your study program with us.

Private / One-on-One Lesson Hour Chart

(One Lesson = 45 Minutes)

Semi-Private Business

If another student schedules his/her business English program at the same time we can arrange a semi-private group (two students). The price is subject to a minimum of two students in a program. If a program starts with two students, but only one student remains for additional weeks, he/she will be charged at at the one-on-one rate. Because of the small number of students per class and weekly individual review, the benefit of individual attention can still be expected as a strong feature of the course.

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