Business English Example

Module 1: Effective Communication, Getting Yourself Across

Each day's lessons have a theme and progress from one topic to the next, as they might realistically take place in the workplace: Let's look at Monday's theme of First Meetings, Impressions and Relationship Building where you had the opportunity to meet with professionals in your industry and from many others. Your pitchwas successful and your socializing skills impressive. As a result, you're meeting with an American associate for a business lunch on Tuesday that you have arranged and you must show him why your company is a good choice for a business relationship. Use your negotiating skills, close the deal and make your business trip something worth writing home about. Review your skills at the end of the day in Skills Summary to get feedback, evaluation and advice for improvement.

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. - Mixing Business and Pleasure

Objective: To engage in and facilitate small talk, to host a client in a restaurant and to bring the topic from casual topics to the business at-hand.

Task: To facilitate and maintain a conversation about casual topics, to describe food and communicate information to and from the wait staff and client, and to make a transition from informal topics to more business-focused conversation.

Skills Practiced: Communication of opinions and information about casual topics, descriptive food vocabulary/expressions, restaurant etiquette, and transition language

In a typical lesson, your objective is clearly stated and explained to you from the very beginning. As you learn to master each task, you will come closer to meeting your lesson objective. A complete list of skills practiced in the lesson is given to show you the exact areas of language you are focusing on. These skills and many of the tasks are reinforced throughout the day, the week and future lessons for maximum practice.

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