Part Time Levels

Part-Time English Program Levels

The Part Time English classes at the Boston Academy of English are divided into eight levels, each completed in six weeks.

  • Beginner I
  • Beginner II
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate I
  • Intermediate II
  • Advanced I
  • Advanced II
  • Proficiency

Beginner I

Beginner 1 is for students with no previous study of English. It includes basic speaking and listening skills to discuss names, national origins, appearance, home and work. The simple present tense is covered, as is the verb to be. Beginner 1 is offered only when there is sufficient enrollment

Beginner II

Beginner 2 is for students who have some previous knowledge of English. It continues the study of basic skills, to include the present continuous and past tenses, and content includes, food, weather, activities and events. Beginner 2 is offered only when there is sufficient enrollment


Pre-Intermediate reviews the simple present, present continuous and past tenses, adding creation of questions and introducing count and non-count nouns and articles. Topics covered include clothes and shopping, going out, restaurants and travel

Intermediate I

Intermediate I introduces the future, past continuous and present perfect tenses, and introduces phrasal verbs. Issues discussed include entertainment, personal care and cars and driving

Intermediate II

Intermediate II helps students manage more complex conversations and covers grammar points such as modals, the past perfect tense and basic conditionals. Topics of discussion include health, life choices, and holidays.

Advanced I

Advanced I introduces additional verb tenses, completes study of the conditional voice and advances knowledge of clauses. Topics include, music, money and community.

Advanced II

Advanced II concentrates on fluency and reviews/expands on grammar points already introduced, for example a systematic review of verb tenses and their special uses. Content areas include dreams; personality and life; and superstitions and fears.


Proficiency is for students with a strong command of the English language. A three session rotation of materials and topics makes it possible to take this class for three sessions. Some grammar will be reviewed depending on class interests and needs, but the main focus of the class is on improving oral and written communications skills. Fluency is a goal.

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