TOEFL Program Description

TOEFL Preparation Program Description

Boston Academy of English, offers a two-month TOEFL™ preparation course with a four-week, alternating design. Month A and Month B together cover the whole test in depth, yet each month covers all four sections of the TOEFL™ iBT. Each week, during any given session (Month A or B), we will study each of the four sections of the test. On Fridays we will either be practicing our strategies and skills or we will be taking a practice test. This means that in a four-week session you will receive instruction and practice for each of the four sections of the TOEFL™ iBT as well as two full practice tests and two full days of guided strategy and skills practice.

Along with test-specific skills and strategies, you will also learn first-year university vocabulary and study Greek and Latin roots and prefixes to aid you in your pursuit of mastering the English language. Students are able to take our two-month TOEFL™ preparation course in any order they choose, i.e. Month B first and then Month A second. Enrolling for two, four-week sessions is our recommendation but if your time is limited you can still benefit significantly from enrolling in just one four-week session.

Sample of the Four-Week Alternating Design

Our classes meet daily for 4 hours a day of intensive study with the most up-to-date, relevant, effective textbooks and materials available. In our computerized training lab, students have many opportunities in each course to practice taking the TOEFL iBT in its computerized format. We also utilize an Internet based classroom interface (iBCI) for students to stay connected to the teacher and their fellow students in and out of the classroom. Our TOEFL iBCI site allows students to access homework, quizzes, practice tests, and review skills and strategies learned in class where ever they have Internet access.

Boston Academy of English can provide I-20 forms for full-time students who need them, and we offer a wide variety of other services for international students.All students applying for the TOEFL™ iBT Preparation Class, whether new to BAE or wishing to transfer from the intensive program, must take our TOEFL™ placement exam in order to determine their readiness for our TOEFL™ iBT-level course. This placement exam is administered on orientation day. A minimum score of 21 out of 30 is required to join our class. Students scoring less than a 21 out of 30 may join our intensive ESL classes until they are ready for our TOEFL™ preparation course. TOEFL™ iBT preparation classes at the Boston Academy of English can be your first step toward future study or employment in the USA or in your home country.

Our TOEFL iBT Preperation Class Features:

  • Creative learning activities
  • Computerized training lab
  • TOEFL™ iBT specific skills and strategies
  • First-year university level vocabulary as well as Greek and Latin roots and prefixes
  • Small classes: Maximum of 14 students per class (this means more individual instruction and attention for the student)
  • Professional, experienced, culturally sensitive, globally aware, and attentive instructors
  • TOEFL™ iBT resource materials which students can use for further study after school

Costs and registration

Please refer to our costs page for a complete list of prices for the TOEFL preparation program.

To register for TOEFL preparation classes, please review the application guidelines and apply online.

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