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Au Pair English

We offer a flexible and affordable programme for all our Au Pair Students that runs for a minumum of 6 weeks.

We will help you meet your academic requirements for your Au Pair program whilst improving your English and providing you with great opportunities to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Beyond your engaging English lessons you’ll be able to practice your English outside of the classroom with our varied activities program which is full of interesting trips that will allow you to explore the beauty of Boston, get to know American culture and visit big universities such as Harvard and MIT.

Upon completion of your course you will be awarded with a ACCET accredited Certificate of Achievement at your graduation ceremony.

Key Features

  • Convenient Saturday or weeknight schedule
  • Develops listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Improves grammar and extends vocabulary
  • Six week program with the exception of holiday weekend closures


Part Time English

Ideal for English learners in the US with limited free time looking for a convenient Saturday schedule or Tuesday and Thursday weeknight classes. Part time students will take an integrated skills course that will provide many opportunities to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking. Beyond engaging English lessons students will be able to practice your English outside of the classroom. Enrolling in our part time program will give you access to our exciting social program with other international students. This includes daily activities during the week and trips that help you to explore your city and get to know American culture.

Students will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement upon completion of their course. Our program is accredited by ACCET. Learn more about them at

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One to One

Our One-to-One English options can be completely tailor made according to your needs and objectives. This option is particularly useful for students who have a very particular need or for students who wish to learn very intensively.

This option is ideal for students who wish to take the premium route to English success through personalized one-to-one tuition. Content is tailored to your needs - highly personalized tuition to help you succeed in your goals. Working with your own personal teacher, you will identify the specific language areas and skills that you wish to improve and together create your own special program of learning.