University Pathways

We offer recognized English language levels, University Preparation Course and a University Placement Service with over 60 partners helping you to gain acceptance and succeed at a university in Canada or USA.


  • Access to 60+ partner universities in the USA and Canada
  • Counseling and support from trained staff at each school on the admissions process
  • Conditional acceptance and/or TOEFL or IELTS waiver with most partners
  • In-school presentations from local universities and networking events with international university alumni
  • Staff guidance and progression tracking to support student’s desired admissions timeline
  • Visits and tours of local college campuses


  • Conditional Letter of Acceptance: Get accepted to your dream college before you even leave your home country. Choose among our college partners and complete the application process pre-arrival. If you meet all academic criteria (except for English language), you’ll receive a letter of conditional acceptance and all you need to do is reach the right English level with us at Stafford House.
  • TOEFL Waiver: Transfer to our partner colleges without having to take the TOEFL Test. Simply reach the Stafford House English level required by the partner university and our advisors will help you with your transfer.

Who is it for?

  • Students who want a seamless and stress free college application experience
  • Students who are not sure which program is right for them, and want some personalized support
  • Students who don’t want the stress of taking an official English level test
  • Students who are interested in attending college or university and want to develop their academic study skills in preparation for university classes